Jitter when using transform.position

So in my first person game I’m adding the hands/gun/equipment as a separate object.
This solved one of my other issues with having a smooth rotate but ANYWAY

So I got all that working but when I go ingame and move around well… the video can show you what happens

So I was wondering if there is an alternative to:
transform.position = target.transform.position (which I use to set it to the camera position)
Or perhaps a way I can get the smooth rotation working with a child object (cause y’know, it matches the parent so it was just awkward)
TLDR: To reiterate, my gun object is not a child of my camera (for reasons) and I’m using transform.position to move it to the camera every frame but this ends up looking jittery, plz help

Solved, for anyone having this issue in the future

I simply changed my script from Update do LateUpdate.
This way the object you are tracking moves first in Update, and this object will then match it’s position later in the same frame in LateUpdate().