Jittering movement when colliding with object

I have an “AI” that moves with using a transform.Translate, and there are a few static scenery objects that the AI can collide with.
The player can use the scenery to get the enemies stuck behind them as a defensive method.

Whenever an enemy is stuck behind a piece of scenery, it will still attempt to move forward, this results in the enemy jittering against the scenery while it tries to move forward.

Is there any solution to stop this jittering movement? It’s not a gamebreaker, but it would just look a whole lot better if the enemy would smoothly hit the scenery instead.

Scenery has a box collider
Enemies have a box collider & rigidbody

You could try turning on interpolation on the rigidbody and playing around a bit with the sleep and other physics settings in the Physics Manager.