Jittery/flickering HDR Bloom lens flare

I’m trying to use the bloom component to generate lens flares in my project, and I’m running into some nasty jittering/flickering of the lens flares when the player or bright object is in motion. I have this test with an ultrabright shader (shader with emissive value pushed past 1) and a camera with HDR turned on and the bloom component with lens flares turned on and values tweaked - looks great static, but the flickering when bright objects are moving onscreenis a non-starter. I’ve spent hours on this and it’s making me crazy - anyone seen anything like this before? Any idea how to fix it?
Please help if you can, it’s driving me up the wall.

Video of the problem is here (poor framerate - sorry):

Demo project is up here:

Cam settings look like this:


I had the same problem. But i think I just found the solution.

  • first, the flickering will go away if HDR is disabled in the Bloom script, but that somehow defeats the purpose of bloom.

  • Adding an antialiasing effect (with FXAA3 Console) before the bloom effect will lessen the flickering effect but it is still there.

  • Now the true solution (at least for me): increasing the shadow distance in the quality settings. The flickering only occurs in areas that should lay in the shadows but the shadow isn’t rendered because the shadow distance is too short.