Job available

Hi there,

I am a photographer.

I wish to have an online 3D virtual gallery. I have been advised that Unity may be the place to be.

I have not the time to learn Unity, I am looking for a friendly developer.

I need the galleries to look as realistic as possible, and ideally, I need to be able to embed images myself, which may need a little bit of knowledge on my part.

I also need visitors to be able to click on an image and be directed to a URL whereby they can buy an image.

I need to know if this is possible, and whether unity can achieve this, or is maya a better option. I have someone who can design in Maya, but can this be imported into Unity? Or, is it better to start with Unity?

You can see a 3D virtual gallery here: and one of my preferred styles can be found here: Touring Exhibition - Horst: Photographer of Style - Victoria and Albert Museum

Please can folk contact me.

My own details can be located on my website here:

Many thanks.

Arwyn Bailey.

Apologies: is the correct website.