John Riccitiello is stepping down

"John Riccitiello will retire as President, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and a member of the Company’s Board of Directors, effective immediately. James M. Whitehurst has been appointed Interim Chief Executive Officer, President and a member of the Board. Roelof Botha, Lead Independent Director of the Unity Board, has been appointed Chairman. Mr. Riccitiello will continue to advise Unity to ensure a smooth transition."


About James M. Whitehurst

James M. Whitehurst previously served as Senior Advisor at IBM from July 2021 to May 2022 and President of IBM from April 2020 until July 2021. He joined IBM through the acquisition of Red Hat,
Mr. Whitehurst currently serves on the Board of Directors of United Airlines and Amplitude, on the Supervisory Board of Software AG, and as a Special Advisor at Silver Lake.



They could've replaced him with a doorknob.

One of the best things that could happen to unity. Hopefully his replacement isn't at the same level of self-destruction.


Damn, from Silverlake, that does not really mean it gets better.


This was really the only thing that could restore any of the trust lost. The 'new' pricing model is fair, and everything about what they said checks out... but because the initial plan was so poorly thought out and disregarded internal feedback, even with the updated pricing model, it was still not a good situation because we would always have been waiting for the next horrible decision. With all that said, the problem is always going to be Unity now being a publicly traded company with quarterly earnings just pits the shareholders verses the customers in any business.


I mean, all good and dandy, but Unity is still a public company and main goal is to make shareholders happy, not the game devs :). So I still will hold my reserve optimism about this decision.


Wake me up when the rest of the c suite and board are gone. Otherwise this is just a pr ploy that changes absolutely nothing.


Excited to see what the future holds, change is good, especially in the current stagnant game engine side.
Brace for impact, for both the good and bad this will bring. :smile:

Hope the new CEO come from a more technical background, the real spearhead that has been relentlessly pushing the game engine internally from within since the beginning. (Yes you know who you are! ;))


good, it shows the pay per install scheme hurt their reputation and bottom line
selling software to devs is different than selling to gamers (like Riccitiello was notorious for)

from what I've read on ycombinator, people that worked under Jim said he was good CEO
and that he is a good choice to restore faith in Unity.

in the end going public maybe saved Unity.. investors with money to lose hold Riccitiello


Absolutely nothing of actual consequence has changed for the better.


Good, makes and will make no difference to Unity or to John, but good.


Well, they can always find someone worse.

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They've acted well since the breach... however, hard not to feel a bit ...

Now back to my Netcode :smile:

<3 community

who cares?
He is now the sacrificial lamp, he wasn't the only problem, fire the rest and do a proper apology.

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Yep, nothing is going to change. John wasn't the only one who was part of making this backwards decision for price changes. Other people responsible are still working at Unity.


From an ex-EA to an ex-IBM president. What could possibly go wrong?

Nothing will change.

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Fixed that for you. After all CEOs are typically paid many millions of dollars in severance packages.