joint with two axis

Hello, how can I make joint with two axis? That objects can do like in the picture:

Configurable joint makes only one axis. Im trying to make locomotive pulling the train car, but the train car and the locomotive must have full freedom, the locomotive is only supposed to pull the train car.

What you’ve drawn is not one joint, even in the real world. If you replaced each label ‘axis’ in your drawing with a hinge joint, and connect them with a new, proposed object “ConnectingRod”, the result would work as you expect.

However, while that would work, it isn’t what a ‘trailer hitch’ or ‘boxcar hitch’ does. In those, the objects A and B have a fixed part extending from them, and the one joint in the system is between them, about where you have the label joint. However, the point is that the line between boxes A and B is not one line, it is comprised of two shorter lines where the joint is half way between them.