Joystick character control

Right, I assume I’m being stupid but have been hunting for the answer to this for hours now and am reaching the end of my tether as I assume this is a fairly basic thing.

But, basically, I’m building a 3D space shooter and I’d like to control the character rotation with a joystick - an actual joystick, not a mobile touchpad virtual joystick (for which there appears to be plenty of support) and am completely lost.

I’m very new to Unity and scripting, hence my stupidity. I’ve looked at Input manager but don’t know how to translate whatever I setup there into a movement script. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Surely it would come under the Input section, Looking at it now shows that under the second “Horizontal” element, it is set for picking up from a Joystick axis and since most joystick (except those that come with a disc) are plug and play, it would stand to reason that unity would automatically pick up the fact that a joystick has been plugged in and would use it for a control system if you used the line


This would also allow you to use the keyboard for testing as well.

Although, if you are talking about the physical joysticks that you can stick to a mobile screen that involve sucker pads, then i’m not entirely sure, i’ve thought about using those myself, but no idea how they would be picked up by unity…