Joystick count limit

I want to use joysticks for input device in my game. In order to support 10+ players, keyboard is not acceptable. Only joystick or self-made gamepad can support player more than 10.

but, after some reading, i found there are a lot limits:

  • Windows Xinput Joystick is limited to 4 controllers (from msdn)
  • Windows DirectInput Joystick is unlimited (from wiki)
  • Unity3d support max 4 Joysticks with 80 keys (from this wiki)

I cant find any info about this limit in Unity3d’s Official docs. Can anyone help me?

  • whats the max joystick numbers limit by unity3d?
  • unity3d support only Xinput joystick?
  • how about PS3’s controllers?
  • how about Mac/Linux platforms?
  • how about Android OTG support?

Plz help me, before i buy 11 controllers to test the truth…

My game KarBOOM ( ) uses Unity and supports up to 8 joysticks (I don’t think Unity can handle more than that), including PS3 and other controllers, on Windows, Mac & Linux. I had to manually set up the inputs and axes for every joystick in the Input Manager, which was tedious, but once I had done that everything else was straight-forward.

I hope that’s helpful.

Hello @JibbSmart , can you share some more information about that?
Have you used the new input system? How did you setup the different joysticks, as the new input system defines a single action map then spawns the prefab with the PlayerInput component.
Thank you!