Joystick direction To Camera direction Help!!!XD

So I have two Joystick’s for 3rd person type of game…
What I wanted to do is control the player using a Joystick left(touch) but still relative to the camera…The problem with this code is, if I try and rotate the camera(aim using the right joystick) then move using the left joystick,it still using the Joystick’s direction…
I have this on my playerMove script:

    ROT = Quaternion.Euler(new Vector3(0,Vector3.Angle(myController.transform.position-defaultStickPosition,myController.transform.up),0));
    	if(Mathf.Sign(myController.transform.position.x-defaultStickPosition.x) == -1){
    		transform.rotation = Quaternion.Inverse(ROT);}
    	    transform.rotation = ROT;}

And for my camera it has LookAt function so it’s always looking at the player
Anyone can help?

Ok,I solved it by adding the Joystick direction to Camera direction. But I’m wondering why didn’t unity throws up an error. Cause I’m adding a rotation…