Joystick pack from unity assets not following the finger movement

Every time i click the joystick, the handle snaps to the finger position, but then when i move the finger the handle doesn’t move along with the finger position. If i release and click again, it does the same thing, snaps to the position of the finger and no further movement. I used the “Joystick Pack” package made by FENERAX STUDIO, which i believe is one of the most recognized packages in Unity Assets.
I’ve tried using the same Unity version that was used by the release package (2018.1.0) and also tried one of the latest Unity Versions. Also, i set the Canvas to the recommended setting: “Scale with Screen Size” as described in their guide. I do not have any custom script “reading” the joystick, all i do is plug it in in the Canvas and see if it’s behaving smoothly, which is not.

Fixed it, i had the following line in my code:

Cursor.lockState = CursorLockMode.Locked;   // keep confined to center of screen