Joystick question

Gid day,

I have an interest in flight sim and I have been trying to work out if I can script my PowerWave joystick. It has the normal four way movement, but it also has a twist action. This means I have up - down, turn right - left and roll right -left. Sorry if I am not explaining it right.

What are the script codes/API reference for the above six actions?

Thank you for your help in advance.


There are no 'the' scripts for what you describe, but as for how to implement it, you'll want to look at Transform.Rotate() or Transform.eulerAngles, or the rigid body class.

You'd use the rigid body class if you want to implement the motion in terms of applied forces and/or torques. You'd use the Transform class if you want to implement the motion 'manually' yourself. Regarding the latter, there are different ways you can do it, depending on whether you want full 6DOF motion or not. (For full 6DOF motion, the easiest method is probably to use Transform.Rotate().)