Joystick Returning 0 In Axis

So i’m trying to make a game that requires DUALSHOCK 3 Input (though I might move to DUALSHOCK 4). I’m trying to get input from the RIGHT ANALOG STICK, but it’s returning 0. Even when I move the ANALOG STICK!

Please help me!
Below is my Code (Right now I’m trying to move the camera)

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using System;

public class CamMovement : MonoBehaviour {

	public GameObject Cam;
	public GameObject FollowObj;
	public static bool FollowPlr=true;
	public static bool FixedRotation=false;
	public static Quaternion Rot=Quaternion.Euler(new Vector3(0,0,0));

	// Use this for initialization
	void Start () {
		Cam.transform.position=FollowObj.transform.position+new Vector3(0,0,-10);
	// Update is called once per frame
	void Update () {
		if (FollowPlr==true && Shake!=0){
			Cam.transform.position=FollowObj.transform.position+new Vector3(0,0,-10);
		if (FixedRotation == true) {
			Cam.transform.rotation = Rot;
		} else {
			//Listen to gamepad output
			float RX = Input.GetAxis ("RX");
			float RY = Input.GetAxis ("RY");
			print ("RX=" + RX.ToString ());
			print ("RY=" + RY.ToString ());

			float CURR_X = 0f;
			float CURR_Y = 0f;
			if(-30<CURR_X && CURR_X>30){
				CURR_X = CURR_X + (RX);
			if(-30<CURR_Y && CURR_Y>30){
				CURR_Y = CURR_Y + (RY);

			//Make Rotation value
			//Rot = Quaternion.Euler(new Vector3(0,CURR_Y,CURR_X));

			//Set Rotation


And here’s my Input Manager:

maybe something off with the smoothing values (dead, sentitivity, gravity?)
try Input.GetAxisRaw() and check your joystick axis mapping.