Joystick1 detects button inputs from the JoyNum[1], but axis inputs can only be detected from JoyNum[3]..

Hi, this problem is very strange and weird.

I’m guessing this is caused by have 2 XBox controllers, and somehow this confused InputManager.

Right now, to get the controller working, the Joystick Buttons are set to coming from JoyNum1, but the axis from JumNum3. This is confusing because I might be adding up to 4 controller later, and I don’t know if the controls will be mixed up…

Does anyone have suggestions to how I might fix this? … Please help, I’m very desperate.


i had huge problems getting controllers to work with unity as the InputManager is not really handling it well. I can only reconmend you to use XCI: GitHub - JISyed/Unity-XboxCtrlrInput: XboxCtrlrInput is a C# wrapper for Unity3D that aims to handle Xbox 360 controller input with multiple controllers on multiple platforms

It handles it way better then unity ever would by itself.