JQuery support in unity

Does unity is supports JQuery?

JQuery is designed for Web Javascript. It’s designed to make it easier to navigate a document under the DOM, such as an HTML site. The type of Javascript used in Unity has nothing to do with that, so JQuery isn’t really relevant there.

You’re absolutely free (and encouraged to!) use it on the site that hosts the Unity application, though. :slight_smile:

Unity does not support jQuery. Although Unity has JavaScript as a language it’s only the code structure that is similar to JS, the functions are specific for Unity. As a relief you can do more with Unity than you’d ever could do with jQuery.

There’s a port of jQuery to Unity called uQuery that has some of the great features of actual jQuery:


What do you suggest for sugar then?

If you’re interested in using jQuery with Unity you could use Coherent UI to interface between your UI code and unity code (i.e. C# scripts). Check out this video for an example of what i’m talking about: