[JS - 4.6 - UI issue] my script doesn't allow me to change the items text

so I have a gameobject named _GM and I have a game master script that controls when the player gets a coin and when that happens I want it to go to a GUI but it doesn’t I have the Image with the text in it inside the canvas so its

Canvas > ScoreGUI > Text

but it gives me an error and just doesn’t allow me to change the text
here’s the script

#pragma strict

	static var currentScore : int = 0;
	var offsetY : float = 40;
	var sizeX : float = 100;
	var sizeY : float = 40;
	var textobject : GameObject;
	var musicPrefab : GameObject;
	function Start () {
		currentScore = 0;
	if (!GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("MM")) {
		var mManager = Instantiate (musicPrefab, transform.position, Quaternion.identity);
		mManager.name = musicPrefab.name;
		DontDestroyOnLoad (mManager);

	function OnGUI ()
	GUI2.text = "Score: " +currentScore;

so if anyone could give me an example for the code on line 26 that’d be very helpful considering i’m a newb :smiley:

You are slightly confused here. OnGUI and 4.6 UI don’t function together.

Move line 26 up to Update. You’ll also need to create a public Text variable and assign the text via the inspector. You might need to add a import UnityEngine.UI statement as well.