JS to C# Translation?

Hey guys, just a quick question here, I need this line of code translated from Unityscript to C#

var guiSkin: GUISkin;

private var windowRect : Rect = Rect (0, 0, 400, 380);
private var toggleTxt : boolean = false;
private var stringToEdit : String = "Text Label";	
private	var textToEdit : String = "TextBox:

Hello World
I’ve got few lines…";
private var hSliderValue : float = 0.0;
private var vSliderValue : float = 0.0;
private var hSbarValue : float;
private var vSbarValue : float;
private var scrollPosition : Vector2 = Vector2.zero;

I tried using the conversion website but it doesn’t do var’s and I can never figure out which var means what in c#

Thanks in advanced!

Everything here is easy since everything here is typed. The only catch is that in Javascript things are public by default, and in C# they are private by default. So:

var guiSkin : GUISkin;


public GUISkin guiSkin;


private var windowRect : Rect = Rect(0, 0, 400, 380);


Rect windowRect = new Rect (0, 0, 400, 380);

For things like Vector3() and Rect(), the ‘new’ keyword is required on C#:


private hSliderValue : float = 0.0;


float hSliderValue = 0.0f;

The ‘f’ is required to show that the value is a floating point number not a double.

 private var stringToEdit : String = "Text Label"; 


string stringToEdit = "Text Label";

I use the ‘string’ class with the lower case ‘s’ when I write C#.

public GUISkin guiSkin;

	private bool toggleTxt = false;
	private string stringToEdit = "Text Label";
	private string textToEdit = "TextBox:

Hello World
I’ve got few lines…";
private float hSliderValue = 0.0;
private float vSliderValue = 0.0;
private float hSbarValuet;
private float vSbarValue;
private Vector2 scrollPosition = Vector2.zero;