(JTS) Stone Lantern Pack

Stone Lantern Pack (Japanese Tradition Series)
In Japan traditional stone lanterns are known as "Ishidoro" and are often seen in proximity to old Temples and Shrines, and occasionally tea houses. They can vary in size from very small to multiple meters in height. They are most usually used as offering or devotional objects, but are occasionall used to illuminate the grounds of religious precincts.

This pack contains 12 historical Japanese stone lantern objects. Each stone lantern is uniquely detailed with it's own material and textures. Also included are 8 separate stone platform blocks which can be used individually or stacked together. Careful attention has been paid to edge modelling using bent normals to remove harsh edge transitions. These stone lanterns are the perfect accessory to any scene needing a traditional Japanese flair.

Compatible with Unity 5.6.2 and higher, and includes physics colliders for each object. Note: Currently only supports Unity's Standard Rendering pipeline.

Each object is PBR-ready, and includes 4 unwrapped textures.

Available Now on:
Unity Asset Store ver 1.0


Triangle Count (varies):[/COLOR]
approx. 926 - 2552 triangles

Texture Resolution
2048px x 2048px


The Stone Lantern Pack has been submitted to the store, and I will update everyone when it has made it through review and been posted.

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I'm happy to announce the Stone Lanterns Pack is now available on the asset store at the following link: