Juggling with Type as a variable

I’ll have to test for a lot of ‘Types’, and to avoid repeating a very long almost identical code, I’m trying to make it a function.

But I’m not sure how to pass ‘Type’ as a parameter?

This works / hardcoded:

    foreach (MeshFilter one in checkthis.GetComponentsInChildren<MeshFilter>())

now, I’m trying to set ‘Meshfilter’ up to be a variable instead, like so:

foreach (thisType one in checkthis.GetComponentsInChildren<thisType>())
  • But I cannot write a proper variable for ‘thisType’, so it can be for example MeshFilter SkinnedMeskRenderer, sharedMaterial… Is this even possible, how would you?

Thanks a bunch
@Bunny83 ?

Could you use the other overload of GetComponentsInChildren that takes a type as an argument. Changing your foreach to:

foreach(var one in checkthis.GetComponentsInChildren(thisType))