Jukebox parsing error

Okay so I know what the code is for (the jukebox player) but for some reason I keep getting a parsing error. Here is what I have, what am I doing wrong? It is in C#.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

JukeboxController jukebox = new JukeboxController();
jukebox.AddClip("mysong", myclip);

public class JukeboxController {

    Hashtable jukebox;
    string current_clip;

    public JukeboxController()
        jukebox = new Hashtable();
        current_clip = null;
    // constructor

    public void AddClip(string name, AudioClip clip)
        if (jukebox == null)
            jukebox = new Hashtable();
        } // if

        GameObject obj;
        obj = new GameObject();
        obj.audio.clip = clip;
        obj.audio.ignoreListenerVolume = true;
        jukebox.Add(name, obj);
    } // AddClip()

        Play a named audio clip.
        Does not restart the clip if it is played twice in a row.
        Will stop a previously playing clip to play this new clip.
    public void PlayClip(string name)
        if (name == current_clip)
        } // if
        if (current_clip != null)
        } // if

        current_clip = name;
    } // PlayClip()

    public void StopClip()
    } // StopClip()


DontDestroyOnLoad won't work unless the class extends MonoBehaviour. The code at the top (JukeboxController jukebox = etc.) can't be "bare" like that and needs to be inside a function, like Start.

Haha... you definitely don't need the line in there that says "Usage:", and reading the error message specifically would have pointed you to that exact line of code. Just another reason you shouldn't mindlessly copy and paste code. ;)