jump forward precision landing


im trying to understand what the best approach would be to create a precise jump forward motion. E.g. from 0.00 to 2.00 in self space.

been looking into Vector3.lerp, Vector3.slerp and TransformTranslate.

I have a 3d game using a physics based character. I do not want to use itween. The way I have the jump working is using add force in Z, Y axis. Then if player is holding key down it fires again.

ive been looking at using the translate action as I can be precise. However im not sure if i could I somehow do the math and the inject that into the translate values?


Added example image of how i want it to behave.


If yo want the jump to follow an exact arc you are likely to have a lot less pain if you calculate the arc and animate it yourself then if you try to back-calculate the physics to make it happen.

Find Free IK script. Use this to point legs. MatchTarget can land you where you want, for Mecanim.