Jump over obstacles(runner game) by speech recognition

Hello everyone! I’ve faced a few problems while making a game
I started to use unity recently, so hope you could tell me how to solve my problems.
So it’s just a runner where character always runs forward and jump over obstacles(cubes), but the thing is that I used speech recognition by Microsoft and when I say “Jump” the character plays jump animation and keeps going forward, but running animation stops playing.

  1. How do I “actually” jump over
    obstacles? Because I feel that just
    playing animation is wrong and have
    to do something with collider.
  2. How do I keep playing animation
    of running after jump?

Maybe everything I’ve done is totally wrong, but please understand and at least show me where to “dig”. Thank you in advance! P.S. Sorry for bad English.

It sounds to me like you need a behaviour tree. A good place to start looking – although it is probably overkill for this application – is the Behavior Designer asset in the Asset Store.