Jumping from special jump orb

I need to make my player be able to jump when he touches special orb. The problem is that i need this to be without BoxCollider component on the orb so player just can go through the orb and be able to jump in mid-air if he touches this orb.
If you know 2d game Geometry Dash then i need my orb to act like a yellow jump orb.

@NOV4_, I agree with @milleniu. Use the BoxCollider as a trigger! This would be the best way to approach it. You can then call OnTriggerEnter and check if it’s the player. If it is, then you can get the Player Script from there and call a Jump method or however you want to handle this. Otherwise, you will have to make a custom Bounds Script where you have all the values of the BoxCollider and then constantly check if an object’s position is within the area and if so, do exactly what the trigger would do seeing as they are essentially the same thing at that point.