Jumping in a parabola fashion

I am trying to have my character jump in a parabola fashion.

I am trying to work with smoothdamp and movetowards but I cannot seem to figure out how they work.

smoothdamp states: Gradually changes a value towards a desired goal over time.

What I am assuming is the number will go from current ( 4 ), to target ( 30 ), by smoothTime. This, however, is not happening, and I am very frustrated. Could someone please explain why this is not happening. Thanks!

public float smoothTime = 0.3F;
private float yVelocity = 0.0F;

void Update ()

    float newPosition = Mathf.SmoothDamp(4, 30, ref yVelocity, smoothTime);



Why not simply use AddForce and Gravity? You should automatically have a parabolic trajectory that way.

Regarding your script: why do you have ‘ref’ in there?