Jumping player at platform connection

I’m programming a game like an endless runner. You control a cube and try to avoid obstacles. The player is frozen in Z-axis. Platform with a length of 15 with obstacles moves toward you in Z-axis with constant velocity. When the platform reaches an activation point the next platform is spawned behind the previous.
The friction of a platform is set to 0. Player has rigidbody with enabled gravity. The problem is that when player detects the connection of platforms sometimes jumps to a low height what looks like a bug.
I attach a video.
Ask for details if needed.
Thanks for all answers :slight_smile:

Go To RigidBody Component and In Constrains Freeze The Position on Y-Axis…

The video doesn’t really show much but for this behaviour it would be easier to use a CharacterController for it’s specific properties and functions such as isGrounded and Move(). A CharacterController is similar to isKinematic and will do exactly what you tell it like a static object but takes physics into consideration.

In this video, I show how the player movement looks like and platform move. I increased the space between the next spawning platform to better show how it looks. The player is static in Z-axis and only obstacles move toward him. You lose when you fall down of platform or hit an obstacle.