Jumping Problem?

I am using GetMouseButtonDown to allow a sphere in my game to jump. The problem is, you are able to jump multiple times right in a row and pretty much fly. What is the simplest way to only allow the player to only jump once at a time?

The typical way is to only allow a character to jump if it is grounded. How you detect ground will depend on your game. You can:

  • You can pick a certain height and call grounded anything that has a ‘y’ value less than the specified height.
  • You can do a Physics.Raycast() down and detect the distance to the surface. Under some threshold, and you are grounded.
  • You can detect a collision and either based on the type of collision or based on the contact points say something is grounded. See OnCollisionEnter().

Assuming your jump runs in a fixed amount time, another solution is to lock the user out from jumping for the time of the jump.

If you’re using a Character Controller, make a condition if it’s grounded.

private var ableToJump = true;
function Start () {
	controller = GetComponent(CharacterController);

function Update (){
        if (controller.isGrounded)
		ableToJump = true;
                //move y dierction command....
                ableToJump = false;

Hope it helps.

If there is a character controller attached to the sphere, you could use the CharacterController.IsGrounded property to check whether the sphere is back on the ground.

Otherwise, you could use a float variable, to time how long it takes until you can jump again, which is very simple - but not the best way, Using code such as this:

float timeAfterClicked; //How long has it been since they last clicked?
float timeToJump //The cooldown of how long you want it to be until they can jump again
void Update() {
   if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0) && timeAfterClicked >= 0) {
      Jump(); //Whatever code you use to jump
      timeAfterClicked += timeToJump;
   if (timeAfterClicked > 0) {
       timeAfterClicked -= Time.deltatime;

This will time how long it’s taken since your last jump, and after the cooldown time (timeToJump) has passed, you will be able to jump again.