Jumping rises Controller's Y position

Hi all,

I am very frustrated with this problem, and can't get rid of it. Don't know is it bug or what but its very anoying. I am working on FPS game with my friend. For FPS controller we use Unity's Standard Assets Character Controller. We didn't write it, we use predefined :)

Problem is in jumping. Sometimes (very often) when I jump my contoller flyes to the sky, it's Y position rises constantly.

I really don't know where problem is, but I am really frustrated. We can't continue with our work until we solve this problem.

So, good people, can someone please help us :) We'll be very gratefull.

Thanks in advance.

When something like this happens the only thing to do is start off with unchanged standard assets(create a new project or the last version that worked) and start doing steps one by one until you recreate your problem.

Then look at the last step executed and anything connected to it to see what could be the issue.

There is also the chance that the controller is moving because it may be targeting itself as the object of movement rather than it’s parent.