Jumping to the corner of a terrain

I’ve been using a default first person prefab, and modified, and everything worked fine, until i added a terrain. The problem is that as soon as the prefab touches the terrain (If i jump fast enough, the error does not happen) the prefab jumps to the corner of the the terrain. I tried replacing the terrain with a new one, and replacing the prefab, still the same thing happens.
The only thing i changed about the terrain is the height and width.

I think the jumping it’s related with animation(s) attached to the objects in your scene.

I think you have to inspect your prefabs, looking for unexpected animation(s).

It’s happened for me, for example, when I added to the scene, by the mistake, a building imported with an empty animation.

The jumping to the (0,0,0) it’s happening probably because there it’s supposed to be the starting point of the animation.