Jumping while on a collider adds extra force

I am controlling a character who is just a RigidBody2D.

My jump method just adds a vertical force.

I have another object on the ground that is a box collider that is a trigger.

When I jump from the object, I jump really high, why is this?

From what I know, if something is a trigger, you don’t collide with it, so why am I jumping extra high when I jump from it?

Thats false, you collide with it, the Physics Engine just don’t try to prevent you from enter it.

I don’t know which methode you use to define when your character is grounded. But it should be the same for the “raycasting methode” and the “on collision” methode. Just check if your detected object is a trigger (or kinematic) before set grounded to true. (grounded is the variable which defines whether you have contact with the ground, obviously:) )