Jumping WITHOUT character controller?

To whom it may concern, lately I have been making a game and am looking for a way to jump without a character controller. How do I do this?

I dont know how you can even move your character without a Character Controller.
As far as jumping, do you have a script that designates the default “space bar” as the Jump command?

you can make a jump with RigidBody

1- Add RigidBody component to the player.

2- Create Script name it ex. PlayerController then add the script to the player.

3- Open script with your editor

private RigidBody rb;
public float jumbForce = 10;  // change it in inspector

private void start(){
 rb = GetComponent<RigidBody>();

private void update(){
           rb.AddForce(Vector3.up * jumpForce, ForceMode.impulse);

take it easy :slight_smile: