Jumpscare when the enemy catches you

Hello so im making a horror game on unity and i cant find a tutorial anywhere on how to make a jumpscare when you get caught by the enemy ai like this :
New Choo-Choo Charles Jumpscare! - YouTube maybe anyone could help?

At high level, since this looks like a mostly static animation, one way to do this is to stop player control/input, add an Animation to control your camera (make it turn and look at the jumpscare), and then switch to the result (ie. Game Over screen).

I believe you can even add the jumpscarer’s animation to the same Animation clip to make this simpler.

How do I make it turn and look at the jumpscare because the player could be looking forward at the enemy, and when it catches him, the camera animation will make him turn around, and he would be looking at nothing? It would only work if the player weren’t looking at the enemy. @rysan007