Just downloaded Unity and my 30-day trial is already expired?

Hi, I just downloaded Unity and I just want to use the free version. however, I can't get it to start, I continously get a pop-up screen saying "This version of Unity requires authorization for you to use it. Please press the "Register" button to begin the authorization process. A one time 30-day trial is available for everyone."

First of all I just want the free version, secondly I didn't even have 30 days, I downloaded it a few minutes ago. What should I do? Did I download the wrong version?

Thank you in advance for your answer, Nicolas

Just click "Register" and select the free edition. It won't require a credit card or anything.

I think the Unity team just wants to keep tabs on who is downloading their free edition.

unity 3d version it wont start i just downloaded unity to use the free version but it requieres a regstration so when i register i have two choices to put on manual activation and internet activation both of them do not work