Just footsteps, that's all I ask...

I am making a small 3D environment and would like to add the sound of footsteps as the player walks around. I’ve looked around at other answers to this question (both here and other sites) but for the life of me I cannot figure out what to do. The problem is I do not know scripting, so while the answer may be perfectly obvious, I just don’t have the knowledge yet. I’ve looked at the 2D Platformer example, but I’m not sure how to apply that to a first-person controller.

Again, all I need is for the sound to play when I walk around. There’s only one type of surface, so it doesn’t even need to change. Please, can someone help me with this?

you need to attach the sound to the character. Make it a child of the character. Then move it near the feet. Finally the easiest way is to play it when the movement key is pressed.

scripting wise go into the movement script and getcomponent then play it.

basically go to the part that moves the character and add this after the movement part


if you have an audio source attached to the player it will play when the movement happens.