!! - Just REPLACED One Of My Prefabs - How Do I Get Original Back? - !!

I've stupidly replaced on of my prefabs with a completely different game object...

How the fudge do I get the prefab back?

There is one chance you can get it back.

If you have an instance of your prefab anywhere in your scenes that have lost its connection, you can find that and apply it back to the prefab, kicking out whatever is in there.

You better have a source revisioning system and make sure that you have it stored there. If you have no other copies of your prefab I am afraid it is lost to the oblivion that prefabs venture to.

If you don't have the Unity Pro and Asset Client license, and if you are running on Windows, then I can recommend Visual SVN Server. If you are new to SVN you might want to read a tutorial first. There are probably easier alternatives to use but I am dumb enough not to know about them :(

Note that without Unity Pro you can't work as a team using SVN, because only Unity Pro has the option to enable external versioning support, which generates special meta files. I think it works if you're alone on the project though.

Remember that you still have to use the tool in order to stay safe. Best of luck, I hope you didn't lose many hours of work. :(