just triggering the collider parent

I have some colliders in the scene, when i trigger the collision how can i detect the parent instead if child or grandchild? for example is it possible to cover all the collider in a transparent cover?

If the object you are trying to access has a rigidbody, you can get the object from the collider through the attached rigidbody.

  void OnTriggerEnter(Collider collider) {
    if (collider.attachedRigidbody != null) {
      GameObject myObject = collider.attachedRigidbody.gameObject;

  // OR

  void OnCollisionEnter(Collision collision) {
    if (collision.attachedRigidbody != null) {
      GameObject myObject = collision.attachedRigidbody.gameObject;

Not completely sure what you are asking, but, inside OnCollisionEnter:

collision.transform is always the overall parent, even if you hit a foot collider. For example, collision.transform.AddForce(...) would shove the main object (your parent, grandparent … ) even if you hit a child collider.

Conversely, collision.collider is the exact collider. So if(collision.collider.transform.parent!=null) tests whether you are a child. And if(collision.collider.transform.parent == null) would check this is the top parent.

These work only for compound colliders (non-rigidbody colliders with a rigidbody main parent) and collisions (not triggers.)

yes your right if there are one simple parent and child (like Body/Hand). but if its like the diffrent creatures in the scene it can be like this Eagle/Paw/Nail/NailHead or Enemy/Foot/Toe the number steps for Toe-Enemy or Eagle-NailHead is diffrent.the question is how can i get Enemy from Toe as Collide or Eagle from NailHead ?