Just want to collab with someone and learn that way because i am new. anyone want to collab? my name is matteus on unity connect.

matteus preusse

i would like too learn too. could we work with each other? I want learn with you @mpreus23

I would like to collaborate, especially if it was helping others learn. I am an experienced programmer, musician, artist, etc, so I am able to contribute to different parts of a project. One down-side to collaborations is that if the different members do not share the same ‘vision’ or idea of what the game should look like and what the gameplay style should be, then the whole project can be ruined, because everyone has a different idea of what they’re making and it ruins the flow and harmony of the game. It is fun to work on a group project though, so I will continue to work on my own stuff, but I will be happy to contribute to any project that you put together. Let me know. I even have brief experience as a game-tester a long time ago.

F.Y.I. - I have a lot of experience with C++ (don’t worry, I find C# WAY EASIER!), and I’ve used java for HTML programming so I am somewhat familiar with javascript, I’ve used Irrlicht 4.x, OpenGL, DirectX, FMOD and Raknet(Multiplayer Networking Library) to make online games before. I’ve always had loved making games with a superhero or Star trek theme, but I’ll contribute to any idea as long as it’s not excessively violent or adult-themed.