Just what kind of assets i can import to unity from other software's like blender and houdini

This may b a very a very noob of a question but i am being confused about this . i know this much that i can import 3d rigged models and animations.
*1: can i import fractured 3d objects to unity from blender and would that still work inside unity??
*2: can i export realflow fluid simulation and particle effects to houdini then import it to unity or can i use blender Fluid simulation and particle effect animation on unity?
*3: can i export blender 3d models or objects with material and shaders? or i cant use any shaders created outside of unity.

some of these questions might be very dumb then again i have very little knowledge of game development so plz forgive me for that and clarify if u may . ty :slight_smile:

FBX is a common format for 3D modeling. when you click your “export” tab in your 3rd party modeling program I recommend selecting FBX format. under that there should be options in your modeling program for fbx to include animations and textures. Some of the things you are mentioning like “fluid simulation” sound like cool effects your modeling program does but it should all break down into FBX format for unity to understand. unity should assign new materials with proper textures to objects/faces.
you might have to adjust the “shader” type in unity to get your correct responce to unity’s light sourses and shadows. Unity probobly offers more options than your modeling program for transluceny, shadows, reflectiveness, color hue, and blah blah blah. but really during your game development you will want to change those things for the look of your game throughout development anyways as things come together.