Justin.tv Twitch.tv Api

Is there anyway to implement the Twitch or justin tv apis to unity?


It would be great if we could save and broadcast online games using this.

Your question is really broad, and not focused on Unity - no one here will be able to answer it without going through many pages of documentation and learning the Justin.tv API. Remember, UnityAnswers is a place for specific, technical questions about the Unity engine.

Perhaps you should investigate the Justin.tv API a bit more, and determine what you’ll need on the Unity side. Also, take a look at the features of .NET / Mono (which is what Unity scripts run on). Then, when you have a specific question, we’ll be happy to try and answer it.

To get you started, it looks like Justin.tv has a RESTful web interface. You can certainly access web services from Unity applications through use of the WWW class or third party plugins like UnityWeb.