KDE to run Apple Dashboard widgets

The main developer behind the KDE (Linux) environment, Zack Rusin, said in his blog yesterday that the next version of KDE (4.0) will have the ability to run Apple Dashboard widgets.

Info is available at http://www.kdedevelopers.org/node/1715

This also opens the possibility that Gnome and perhaps even Vista might have support for widgets.

Another great opening for us Unity folks!

I don't think this will help Unity users at all I'm afraid .... the only reason that Unity projects run in dashboard is that there is a web plugin for OS X and dashboard just uses webkit to display the widget. That implementation of dashboard will just be for standard html+css+javascript widgets I'm afraid ..... but it may bring some nice widgets back into the land of OS X and helps to fend off the adoption of yahoo or longhorn wigets as any kind of standard so it's good news anyway.