Keep getting error: "Control bit range nodes can address maximum of 255 controls" - why???

Any time I install the Input System package (latest attempt: Unity v.2022.2.17, and v. 1.5.1 of Input System), the following error instantly appears in the Console:
Control bit range nodes can address maximum of 255 controls.
UnityEngine.InputSystem.InputManager:OnNativeDeviceDiscovered (int,string)
UnityEngineInternal.Input.NativeInputSystem:NotifyDeviceDiscovered (int,string)

I've tried with brand-new, empty projects, as well as with "mature" projects with lots of stuff in them. I've tried with different versions of Unity, and has happened with previous version of the Input System as well (1.5.0, and some later 1.4.x). It happens right when the package is installed (so no inputs configured yet), as well as after configuring multiple inputs.

All the inputs seem to work perfectly fine, so I've just been ignoring the error for now.

I can't find any reference to this error anywhere online. Am I the only person seeing it???

I thought maybe it has to do with 3dConnexion drivers, which I have installed, but I don't know to determine that. (Not sure how I'd fully uninstall those drivers.) But surely at least a few other Unity users must have those drivers installed as well (for 3d Spacemouse, etc.) Nothing is attached to my computer other than my mouse and keyboard. (I thought it might be my Valve Index, but I unplugged it and still get the error.)

Update - I found the issue.
It was related to 3dConnexion. But not the Space Mouse. It was my 3dConnexion keyboard.

I just learned about the Input Debugger, and when using it I saw that, in addition to a "Keyboard" device, my 3dConnexion keyboard was also registered as a device, with an input for each key (duplicating all the keys on the normal Keyboard device), as well as the special function keys. Removing that as a device made the errors go away.

All the keyboard bindings already setup seem to still be working fine - glad for that!

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Tanks Greg, never would have figured out it wa smy 3dconex keyboard doing this.