keep getting the same error while baking light (unity 5.3.1f1)

whenever i bake my scene, the bake process gets stuck in a loop of infinite errors, reading:
“Failed reading from: ‘48/480abc83f7895e08d566a92f3cb3c7fd.osd’.”
and then:
“‘Compositing’ job failed with error code: 3 (‘Failed reading Direct file.’).”
over and over, until the end of time…
can someone please shed some light on this?

Having the same issue

I got the same error message. I used a work around by going to Window/Lighting and then turning off Precomputed Real-time CGI and Baked CGI and unchecked Auto (build). Then click build to build the lightmaps manually. After everything works then you can go back and set the options back on.

Try to clean cache.For me it works!!