Keep Rigidbody awake or stop it from sleeping?

Hey guys,

I’m having one rigidbody that I would like to keep checking for collision with colliders. So instead of providing a lot of rigid bodies to all the items in the world, my idea was to have that singular item to have the rigid body and collision check (see it like a trigger for all items in the world).

The problem is that the physics system in Unity makes the immovable item with the rigid body going to sleep, so I’m trying to find a way to keep this rigid body awake. Setting the sleepVelocity and sleepAngularVelocity to 0 doesn’t do anything…

I’m now left with calling the WakeUp function every frame, bypassing the physics engine’s desire to sleep, but I don’t think this is the most suitable way.

Does anyone of you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance

It shouldn’t be in Update or LateUpdate, but rather FixedUpdate, which is for physics.