Keep Shadows From Being Lit Up

So I’m making this game with 2 directional lights of different colors to make pretty orangy sunsety shadows. But the game has a white floor, so to keep the floor from having a weird color, I made another directional light that only affects the floor. (via tags and culling mask) The only problem now is that the light that is iluminating the floor is also illuminating the shadows, so you cant see them. Ive looked practicly everywhere. Help!

Thanks in advance

Sadly this is not possible - you are trying to make something darker and lighter at the same time.

“Shadows” and “Lights” are really just mathematical calculations based on how light would reflect off any given material. Shadows negate and lights intensify the light reflected by the materials (i.e. the coloring), so you cannot light the material but “not the shadows.”

What you should likely do is use a different kind of Shader on the floor instead of the light such that it doesn’t turn a weird color but is still shadowed.