Keep track of last audio clip played from multiple arrays

I’m not sure if there is a way to do this but basically I have all of my voices being called from a script that holds multiple arrays one for each audio response.
I’m wondering is there a way in C# to track the last audio clip played so I could access that from another script to use in an if statement condition check. Something like:

Sudo Code:
if (lastClipPlayed == VoiceBox.IdontKnowRespClip){
Do Something

This is how you can access the public variable on one script from another script.

Let’s say that ‘ScriptA’, is the class which holds your BillyTheKiddFactoid method and it is on GameObjectA.

and 'ScriptB ’ has your if statement and it’s on GameObjectB

In ScriptA, you just declare a public AudioClip variable

public AudioClip lastClipPlayed;

then you just change the BillyTheKiddFactoid to be

 public void BillyTheKiddFactoid(){
              AudioClip myClip = BillyTheKiddClips [Random.Range (0, BillyTheKiddClips.Length)];
              source.PlayOneShot (myClip);
             lastClipPlayed = myClip;
              StartCoroutine (voiceBlocker (myClip.length + AdditionalDelay));

then your If statement to access ScriptA’s public variable of lastClipPlayed would look like

 if (GameObjectA.GetComponent<ScriptA>().lastClipPlayed == KITT_VoiceBox.IdontKnowRespClip){
  Do Something