Keeping a player in a path/Bounding area.

Okay,so I made a bounding area for the paths I have on Unity in Blender,but when I go into Unity,the size is messed up,and I can’t get it to fit the path anymore,which means it failed.
So how would I keep a player within a path? I am using terrain,and I only want players to move on a road,not free roaming around, yet I can’t do fences,because it feels unrealistic since the colliders mess up.
How would I do this? I don’t know any coding by the way,in case that helps.

The game map is built out of terrain,and on it I have painted paths,and on them paths,the player will only be able to walk (Unless choosen) so mainly,the player doesn’t have freedom,he walks the path I give him/her. Its a 3D RPG,its my first game,and the colliders I have tried,making them invisible,but when I place them they have edges on them,making them unrealistic,and when I modeled it in a 3D modeling program (Blender), it isn’t the correct size,and impossible to size/position in Unity without taking a year to do so.

You could add invisible walls, similar to what Ben suggested in (1).

(2) would be the same, except the walls are not invisible.

I suggest you try using iTween, as it has path creation, assigning players to a set path and neat animations for smoother movement. Very handy tool, free on the asset store. Check out the website its pretty straight forward, check the main page, examples, as well as the documentation.

Hope that helps.

GL and Cheers :slight_smile:

E/ Heres the site link