Keeping Unity 2.6 and MonoDevelop 2.4 running at same time

I've read various questions/answers regarding Unity and MonoDevelop like here ( However, none of them seem to address my question if its possible to keep MD up and running while flipping back to Unity and back to MD periodically - especially in the beginning phases of building a new project. In my case I'm running Unity 2.6.1 with MonoDevelop 2.4 on Mac OS 10.6.

I've noticed that adding a C# script on Unity side and then double-clicking that file will bring up MD properly but then hang/crash it. What is proper set of steps to keep it all in sync while keeping both apps open or is this not possible? Must I always shut down MonoDevelop first before performing a Sync VisualStudio Project and then re-open MonoDevelop for that project to see new scripts that I added from Unity side to the project?

I was hoping I don't have to continually bring down MonoDevelop and back up again each time I add (or delete) a script into my Unity project. Would moving to Unity 3.0 Beta help in this situation?

Thanks for any insights..

I do not experience such issues when using Unity 3b7 in parallel to MonoDevelop 2.4. I did however experience MonoDevelop crashing when I first installed the beta if tools like Quicksilver or Google Quick Search Box on OS X were running. e.g. no Copy (cmd-c) operations were possible. MonoDevelop would hang and show Mac's breadroll of death until the application was manually terminated. This would also happen when just selecting text. This was due to memory corruption caused by the search tools. Maybe you can try to deinstall those and check whether this solves your issue. For me at least it stabilized the MonoDevelop experience.