Keeps trying to install VS Enterprise

Everytime I try to install a new unity build it keeps trying to install Visual studio enterprise. I have both Visual studio community and visual studio code installed but it keeps trying to install VS Enterprise. In the list of things to install when I click download in the hub Visual studio isn’t even in the list but its doing it anyways. All that’s clicked is the editor which you can’t uncheck. WebGL and Documentation. That’s it. What am I missing here. Its happened for the last 3 builds (2018.3.7f1, 2018.2.21f2, 2018.1.9f2).

When I cancel the visual studio install it finishes install but gives me an error “Failed to install Unity Game Development for Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2017”, but again im not selecting it, its not an option. Is enterprise now the required IDE for unity?

I have this same problem, it’s super annoying.

I have noticed that if you select Visual Studio Community in the install options when you add a new unity install, it won’t install the enterprise version, it will install the community version.
If you already have the LATEST version installed, then it will skip it. This works for me because I do always have the latest version of VS2019. But I can see how this would be annoying for many people, and the install options are super misleading if this is intended.

It seems very few other people are annoyed by this so I assume they aren’t having this problem (please tell me what you guys are doing differently, I have had this problem on multiple computers for YEARS!!)