Key Error When Using Curriculum Learning

Hello. I was getting unexpected termination because of key error in the middle of every training.
This is my yaml file from curricula folder. I carefully compared its format with yaml written by others but found no clue.
Any idea of what is causing this?
Thanks so much!
5573014--575158--Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 10.46.54 AM.png

We'll send this over to the team to review, @haoyang1995 . Which version of C# and Python are you using?

I feel so sorry for the late reply.

I am using Python 3.7 and C# version 4.0.30319.42000(got from "Debug.Log(System.Environment.Version)").
I somehow found a workaround using try except to catch and suppress the key error. It worked after catching and ignoring the error but I will be so thankful if you guys can review this issue.

I have exactly the same issue. It does not happen on every run but is very frustrating since training can terminate at a late stage and waste so much computation. It happens when the agent lesson changes. Used Try, Except as a workaround

Hi @haoyang1995 and @asad133 -- I apologize for the late reply on this issue, but it should be resolved in the latest version of ML-Agents (0.16.0 / 1.0.0).