Keyboard input?

I’d like to use the keyboard in the sim for debug purposes, and I’m having issues detecting key presses.

I’m using Input Actions, and have tried both the Keyboard and PolySpatial Keyboard bindings.

Is the keyboard functional yet?


Hey! This is on our radar, but it’s still a work in progress. No specific timelines to share at this point.

Any updates on this? It would be really great to be able to use a bluetooth keyboard to trigger debug cheats on device, but doesn’t seem to work (I’m on 1.1.4 of the visions plugin and a fully immersive app). Currently, I use the old input system to detect key presses (i.e Input.GetKeyDown), should I try the new system?


Hello, any updates on this ?. I have not been able to detect keyboard input using the old input system and the new input system. Does any work around exist ?