Keyboard shortcut to pause game view play?

Is clicking the pause button at the top of the Unity editor window the only way to pause the game in game view or is there a keyboard shortcut that can be used?


Control+Shift+P in Windows pauses the editor (Command+Shift+P on OSX).

If you want to pause manually:

You can create your own "pause hotkey" by doing something like this:

void Update()

This makes it so when you press "P", Unity will pause the game, exactly like hitting the "Pause" button in the editor. Alternatively, you can code your own script that uses `Debug.Break();` somewhere, because whenever you call that it's just like hitting Pause in the editor.

Look in the Edit menu in Unity.

alt text

It should be something similar in Windows. In OS X, you can make any menu item have any keyboard shortcut you want, so if you don't like the default (or if there isn't one), feel free to change it in the system keyboard preferences.