Keyboard's W button doesn't work (mac)

Help, the “W” button doesn’t work in any of the games, but the arrow keys work fine, how can i check if it’s mapped/fix that problem? it’s very boring to play with arrows when you need to use 500 different buttons on keyboard.


You can edit the input controls (on Mac) by going here:

Edit → Project Settings → Input

This will cause the InputManager to appear in the Inspector.

Expand the array of Axes, then expand Vertical.

I believe the default is to have w set as the Alt Positive Button.

I’ve struggled with this problem on and off for years with Unity. The W key and 0-9 keys stop working, even though they work perfectly fine in other applications.

I finally found a solution to the problem: it has to do with the system language of OS X. I’ve had it set to Italian - changing to my native Swedish and logging in and out made the keys work again. I then tried switching back to Italian and logging in and out, and for some reason they still work. However, if they stop working again I’ll know how to fix it.

Hope this can help other people with this annoying problem!